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Astrology Teaches


Once upon a time

When we lived in the Sun

All forces were available ...


Anything could be done.

But in our weakness

Couldnīt deal with All-power.

So planets were ejected

īTil they stood one-by-one.


Now thereīs a particular pattern

Of planets and stars at oneīs birth,

Each focused through a "house"

Of the sky relative to earth.

Each personīs talents  are biased,

Each has only part of the whole.

Only when all work together

Do we remedy this dearth.


As a transiting planet moves through

       The sky

At each point along its eclipse

To some people it squares, to some

     it trines,

To some its forces eclipse.

Thus one personīs weakness

May anotherīs strength be

But thereīs enough for all

If each shares what fate dips.


Let  us appreciate differences

In every soul,

And form a team where each is

A valued part of the whole.