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Elsa M. Glover


Reaching Out




A has been unfair to B.

A took what were Bs by rights.

A did B wrong, A made B  suffer.

Thus started a chain of plights.


B learned from A the way.

B took that what was Cs own.

B did C wrong, B made C suffer,

And thus made C criminally prone.


And so continued to D, E and F,

And to G, H, I, j and K,

And on and on through the ages,

Up to the present day.


Z has shown Y compassion.

Z has helped Ys wounds to heal.

Z asked for nothing fro himself.

Z reversed the turning wheel.


Y learned from Z the way.

Y has given X a gift.

Y asked nothing for himself.

Y helped Xs spirits to lift.


And so it continues to W, V and U,

And to T, S, R, Q, P and O,

And on and on through the ages

Until all in the world know

     The gateway to world peace

     Is through the generous soul.