In Tune with the Infinite

In tune with the Infinite
United with the all
Brings a perfect Love
For all persons great and small.

Love brings understanding
Of their problems and their woes.
Love helps one to see the cause
Of all their earthly throes.

Love brings gentle kindness
A desire to help draw out
Divine essence from within
A desire to find a route.

To help release the imprisoned
Splendor of each soul,
A desire to help lift each
Toward the universal goal.

Love drives out all fear
Its only aim --- to give.
It draws all to itself
To nurture, love and serve.

What happens when evil one
Comes at the loving heart
And tries to injure it
And make life from it depart?

Then Love from the Infinite
Pours forth in added measure
To try to bridge the ga`p
Dividing one from another.

Until all rejoin the whole
returned from the Fall
In tune with the Infinite
United with the All.