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Who we are?
Where are we from?
Where are we going?
What can we become?

Why are we doing this?
Where will it lead?
Will it help or hinder
To plant this seed?

What is ephemeral?
What will stay?
What can we depend on
That won´t slip away?

What do we value?
What are we gleaning
In the fields of life?
Do these give life meaning?

Elsa M. Glover

Quiens somos?
De donde venimos?
Para donde vamos?
En que nos convertiremos?

Porqué hacemos esto?
A donde nos conducirá?
Ayudará o perjudicará
Si esta semilla se plantará?

Que es efimero?
Que permanecerá?
De que podemos depender
Que al error no nos llevará?

Qué es lo que valoramos?
Lo que estamos cosechando
En los campos de la vida
Nuestra vida va enriqueciendo?