The Chain


A Chain supported a bridge

Which helped many cross a river

Each link held firmly the next

Between mountain side and timber.


One day a link began to think,

"What is most good and pure?

The sun is good, the air is good

But the river´s an evil allure."


"If I am to stay out of the river

I need to upward strive.

Thus I will cling to the link above

and avoid a downward dive."


"But those links below are foolish.

They´re always  pulling down.

Don´t they know what they are


So they wish everyone to drown?"


"I´ll separate from their folly.

They can go where they wish to go.

I won´t let them spoil my life

And drag me down below."


So the link undid his hold

On the links below.

The link felt sudden relief

When he finally let them go.


But the link was no longer round.

He was a broken thing,

And the wind soon blew him off

From the link to which he would



There´s a moral to this fable

My friends, we all must learn:

To be lifted by those above

We must lift those below in turn.