Suppose currents are known

And out from lakeŽs shore

Boat and rider are launched

Without paddle or oar.

Where they will travel

Is easy to know.

      But if the rider takes paddles

      He may choose where heŽll go.


Motions of stars and planets

Follow patterns stable.

Where theyŽll be years ahead

To predict we are able.


Heavenly bodies radiate

Constant types of powers.

Predicting  future influences is

A skill that can be ours.


But how people react,

How they utilize ---

What they do with these forces:

Therein lies the surprise.


With a given set of forces

people may fall or may rise.

Some people let chances slip by,

Others respond to calls from the



We (not fate) determine where we go.

No one can predict where we may

     choose to row.